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Astronomy 105 is a survey course that will stress the historical and descriptive aspects of our knowledge of astronomy. The major aim will be to give each student an appreciation and understanding of the scope and content of our universe. A conceptual rather than a mathematical point of view is emphasized.

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Dan Bruton, Ph.D

Astronomy 105
Classical and Modern Astronomy

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Astronomy 105 - Maymester 2013
Posted: May 13, 2013
Maymester Meeting Times for 2013
AST 105 310 Maymester: May 13, 2013 - May 29, 2013
Lecture: MTWRF 9:00AM - 12:15PM - Miller Science Room 334
Lab: MTWRF 01:30PM - 03:20PM - Miller Science Room 118
There are only 12 days of class during maymester.
There are 11 in-door labs, 1 night lab at the observatory, and 1 lab exam.
Therefore, we will have lab all 12 days.
It is recommended that students not sign up of this course if they 
plan to miss class or have time conflicts of any kind.


Text Book and Lab Manual
The book for the class is the 6th edition of Essential Cosmic Perspective (ISBN: 9780321715364) and it is available in the Student Center Bookstore and Varsity Bookstore. The lab manual is also available in both bookstores.

Night Lab
The first night lab attempt is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, May 15th at 8:30PM. If it is cloudy then we will try the following Monday night, etc. until we have completed one night lab at the observatory.

Since there are 12 days in the lecture and lab, we cover about 10% of the material per day. So missing one day could affect your grade by as much as a letter grade if you cannot study "double time" to make-up the time lost. Missing labs also effects your grade of course.

Clickers (Personal Response System)
Clickers are electronics devices that allow you to answer multiple choice questions during class through PowerPoint. You are not required to buy a clicker from the bookstore. I will provide clickers for everyone to use in class if needed.

New text books come with "Mastering Astronomy" which is an online quiz application. It is not required that you have a "Mastering Astronomy" account but it can be helpful in completing your homework and preparing for the exams. If you have a used book, then you can purchase access to at this web site if you would like to use this as a resource for studying. I will provide homework handouts daily that will have questions similar to those found at this site.

How to make an "A" in Astronomy 105

Night Lab
Posted: May 10, 2013
Night Lab
The night lab will be on Wednesday, May 22nd at 8:30PM.  Please get on the bus before 8:30pm at the location shown on the map below.   Please arrive 10 minutes before 8:30pm as the bus driver may leave promplty at 8:30pm.

Posted: May 1, 2013
Exam 1
Powers of 10
Motion of the Sun above the Artic Circle
Exam 2
Hubble Space Telescope
Angular Resolution
Velocity of a Cold Gas Cloud
Velocity of a Hot Gas Cloud
Doppler Effect for Light
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Doppler Effect
Types of Spectra
Wein`s Law
Exam 3
Cosmic Odyssey (Part 1 of 5)
The Fingerprint of Stars
Collapse of a Solar Nebula
Core Evolution

Main Sequence Fitting
Bright Stars
Discovering Hubble`s Law
Age of the Universe
Raisin Cake
Exam 4
Solar System Formation
Comets Playlist
The Early Earth and Plate Techtonics
Mastering Astronomy
Watch these 2 video tutorials from Dr. B to help you with your MasteringAstronomy tutorials:
Directions to the SFA Observatory

SFA Star Charts
Posted: Jan 14, 2013

Free PDF Star Charts