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Researchers continue finding minor planets at SFA Observatory
Doug and his team found an asteroid as they were imaging the Crab Nebula.  It has been given a temporary designation of K10X60E = 2010 XE60 by the Minor Planet Center.
A few miles outside the city limits of Nacogdoches, researchers gather under domes and gaze at the night sky through telescopes, hoping to discover a minor planet or variable star.

The Stephen F. Austin State University Observatory is home to several telescopes and classroom space for students and researchers to utilize when they are on-site.

Graduate student Doug Parsons shows off the SFA observatory's latest acquisition, a 12-inch Meade telescope, with the dome housing its 41-inch telecope in the background. Parsons hopes the new telescope will further assist his research into polarized light astronomy.
Physics graduate student Doug Parsons poses with the telescope which started it all in one of the domes at the Stephen F. Austin State University Observatory north of Nacogdoches. The 18-inch telescope, originally located in the Marshall Islands and used by NASA scientists to survey the lunar surface for Apollo landing sites, was installed in the 12-foot dome at the observatory in 1976.

Job Opportunities 
The following company called our department and asked if there were any students interested in a part time job in Douglass, Texas:

White Fence Industries - Generator, Analog, Digital Devices

Call Courtney Lackey at 936-568-0775 or see Dr. B.



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